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Light Projects:

  • Sunrooms

  • Hot Tubs

  • Decks

  • Trampolines

  • Fences

Heavy Projects: 

  • Drywall

  • Non- Load Bearing walls

  • Cabinets

  • Wood Flooring

  • Any Tile

  • Bathtubs

  • Sinks

  • Toilets

  • Light Fixtures (Can Preserve If needed)

  • Carpet

How did we expand into demolition?

As We-Haul Junk Removal, our most frequent flyer clients were real estate investors and contractors. One of our most loyal clients needed a wall torn out while our junk removal crew was on site. After checking to ensure it was not a load-bearing structure, our crew was able to demo the wall and clean up afterwards almost effortlessly. This was the day that We-Haul Junk Removal became We-Haul Junk and Demo. We have since added multiple 16-foot hydraulic dump trailers to our fleet. This ensures timely scheduling and fewer dump fees added to your quote!

What makes us different from other Demolition companies?

When we began as a  Junk Removal Company, we ran off the motto people before profit. This has always been our best practice, not only for our customers but for our business as well. When we quote your demolition projects we do not add unnecessary fees or hundreds of dollars extra for mileage. We are fair with our pricing and always make sure our customer's happiness comes first!

What kind of structures can we demo?

Our demolition projects include anything from hot tubs to tearing a house down to the studs. Our only similarity to other demolition companies is that we cannot remove any load-bearing walls or structures within a building. Common demolition projects include things like bathroom tile, cabinets, showers, bathtubs as well as drywall and ceilings and so much more! Some of our past exterior demolition projects have included sheds, decks and patios, swing sets, hot tubs, etc. We-Haul Junk and demo is your go-to company for interior demolition.

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