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Junk Removal and Pricing

TV Removal:

  • TV Removal $45

  • Up Stairs TV Removal $100

Piano Removal:

  • Piano Removal $100

  • Upstairs Piano $200

  • Grand Piano $200

Hot Tub Removal:

  • Hot Tub Removal $250

  • Oversize Hot Tub $350

Couch Removal:

  • Couch Removal $75

  • Upstairs Removal $150

  • Sleeper Sofa $100

  • Sectional Sofa $150

  • Upstairs Sectional $200

Treadmill Removal:

  • Treadmill Removal $75

  • Up Stars Removal $150

Appliance Removal:

  • Fridge Removal $45

  • Oversized Fridge $100

  • Upstairs Fridge $200

  • Stove $45

  • Dishwasher $45

  • Washer $45

  • Dryer $45

Mattress Removal:

  • Mattress Removal $75

  • Box Spring- $45

  • Upstairs $100

Trampoline Removal:

  • Trampoline Removal $150


Estate Clean-Out:

Did someone just pass away or you just moved them into a Retirement home?

Rental Clean-Outs:

Did your renters just bail out on you, no rent money and a crap load of left over junk?

House Left over Stuff:

Just moved in and just realized that you have trash you don't need?

Yard Debris and Junk:

Do you have a landfill in your backyard and its a complete mess?

Bought a Junk house:

Did you just buy a house that is full of Junk?

We-Haul Junk and Demo is Yelp's #1 Junk Removal Company!

How did we get started with Junk Removal?

Owner Chris Stafford was working with his mentor one day when the real estate investor received a phone call. He needed to have some junk removed from one of his properties and had called around to several junk removal companies in the area. The phone call he had received was one of those companies calling him back. When Chris heard the quote that his mentor had gotten from them he was baffled. How on earth could that company be comfortable charging a customer such a high price when he knew the junk would not take that long to remove? On top of that, the junk was several lightweight items, nothing that would hike up the dump fees too terribly high. Chris gave his mentor a much lower quote, went out and purchased a trailer that night, and removed the junk with his brother the very next day. This is how We-Haul Junk Removal started! 

How are we different from other Junk Removal companies?

At We-Haul Junk and Demo, we put people before profit. We promise to never quote a higher price than necessary in the name of making extra money. Our prices are fair to everyone, the business included. We strive to put our customers first and hope to see each and every one of them return as a regular client. Not necessarily for solely junk removal, but for one of our many other services as well! When We-Haul Junk Removal expanded into We-Haul Junk and Demo, we became a multi-use company. This has been a benefit for all of our clients thus far, and we absolutely do not see that changing.

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