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3 Ways to Turn Your Old Junk into Decor

Imagine this. You've been putting off this dreaded task for MONTHS. It is your absolute least favorite thing to do, and you have been procrastinating like never before. You walk into your garage, flip on the lights, and decide today is the day. You WILL clean this garage out even if it is the death of you (okay, not really, but you get the point).

The first pile you hit is straight junk. Literal trash. You start by grabbing a giant trash bag out of the box of giant trash bags you got from Walmart that one shopping trip six months ago. You begin throwing the soda cans and plastic bottles in one bag for recycling. WAIT! You suddenly remember a Pinterest post you saw a while ago about turning old soda cans into a mirror. Setting those to the side in a small plastic tote, you go back to tossing the plastic bottles into the recycle bag.

Moving onto the next pile, you find some wine bottles that you and your husband emptied the weekend before. Cabernet Sauvignon. Your absolute favorite. Grabbing a different trash bag, you start to toss them in and then remember about a picture your friend posted on Instagram. She had taken an empty wine bottle and turned it into a beautiful flower vase. Putting those into your crafting bin, you are shocked that cleaning your garage is actually beginning to feel kind of fun!

At this point, you are looking for junk to turn into decor. In the next pile you find some old books. This time, you think of a Tik Tok video you saw just the other day! The girl in the video was demonstrating how to fold pages in the book to form a word when the book is stood up straight. You grab four books, set them in your crafting bin, and get back to work.

When you look around, you are pleased to discover that you are finished! You've gone through all of the junk piles and actually had fun doing it! The next thing you do is call We-Haul Junk and Demo, a local junk removal company. You schedule your junk removal for the very next day and they tell you they can get the bags of junk out of the garage for you, no need to move them yourself! This makes you extremely happy, because this means you can get straight to crafting!

Let's start with the soda can mirror. The only supplies you need are a piece of cardboard cut into whatever shape you'd like the mirror to be. You also need scissors, a hot glue gun, and that old mirror you found in the attic the other day. Start by cutting the different cans into squares. You could also do scale shape to make a mermaid mirror for your child. Once you have finished cutting the cans into the shape of your choice, begin gluing them in whatever pattern you would like. In the end, it should look something like this!

Next, move onto the wine bottle vases. You will need the wine bottles, some spray paint in whatever color you choose (I recommend white), and some flowers from your garden or local market (Trader Joe's has INCREDIBLE deals on flowers). For a fun twist, you can grab a few bottles of glitter from Walmart. Spray paint your wine bottles, and while the paint is still wet, sprinkle the glitter in whatever design you would like it. These are how mine turned out!

Lastly, lets work on the book. You may want to watch a YouTube video on how to fold the pages to create words. That is what I did! All you need is the book, scissors and some patience!

I hope you have learned some new fun activities from this article! Remember, when you clean your garage or attic to find your crafting supplies, call We-Haul Junk and Demo to remove the rest! HAPPY CRAFTING!

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