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Meet Our Owner

Welcome to our blog! Today we want to officially introduce you to our owner! In the next post, we will be introducing you to our Crew Leader, Eligia Stafford, as well!

Chris Stafford is the owner of We-Haul Junk and Demo. He founded the company in 2017 when he was 18 years old. As a young person, Chris always knew that he was meant for something more. Though he was not the best at school, he is very wise when it comes to life and what to do with it. When talking to young people, Chris always tells them that even if you are not as good at school as other people, you can still accomplish huge things in life. In the summer of 2017, Chris had been working with a Real Estate Investor, also his mentor, for about a year. During their weekly meeting, his mentor received a phone call from a local junk removal company he had called the day before asking about a quote for some junk he needed to be removed from one of his properties. When Chris heard how outrageous the price was, he told his mentor that he could do it much cheaper. That night, the young entrepreneur went out and bought his first trailer, a 12-foot landscaping trailer. He called his brother and they were out the very next day removing the junk from the property. That was the day that We-Haul Junk Removal was born. Since then, We-Haul Junk Removal has become We-Haul Junk and Demo LLC. We are now a multi-service company, as we have expanded into interior demolition, pressure washing, gutter cleaning, and landscaping as well.

Since the very beginning, Chris has aimed to put people before profit. We promise to never quote a higher price than necessary in the name of making extra money. Our prices are fair to everyone, the business included. We strive to put our customers first and hope to see each and every one of them return as a regular client. Not necessarily for solely junk removal, but for one of our many other services as well!

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