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Donate or Throw It Away?

Over time, we all collect random things. Maybe you spotted a cute piece of decor while window shopping at your local mall, or you’ve recently lost some weight and it called for a new wardrobe. No matter the reason for going through some of your old things, we at We-Haul Junk and Demo are going to help you decide whether to donate the items or throw them away.


Deciding whether or not to donate old decor can be challenging. Here are a few things to consider: Are there any cracks or severe damage? If the answer is yes, it is probably best to go ahead and throw it away. If there is not any severe damage, dents, or major scratches, you could donate the decor to your local Goodwill or Salvation Army!


Donating books, much like decor, depends a lot on the cosmetic condition. If the books do not have pages torn out, water damage, or the covers ripped up, they can be donated. However, if there is quite a bit of wear showing on the books, you can just go ahead and throw them away.


Donating clothes can be so satisfying. If you’ve never take the time to go through your closet, try on your try on your clothes, and get rid of the ones that do not fit you anymore, you should definitely try it. If the clothes have stains on them or large rips, it may be best to just throw them away. However, if there are stains that are very hard to see they should be fine to donate. Clothing is great to donate to your local Goodwill. They have so many great deals all the time, and your old clothes will go to great use!

Whether you are throwing your stuff away or having it donated, you can call We-Haul Junk and Demo and we will do it all! We will take everything you wish to be donated to a local donation center, and the rest we will take to the dump!

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